Till tomorrow comes...

Today's glucose recordings was pretty good. I managed to keep breakfast/lunch/dinner under control. My limit is < 120. I did 96  / 91 / 106 respectively. The doctor told me I can increase the insulin intake if I was going to have more starch. Instead of 6 units, increase to 8. So far I did that once yesterday when a friend dropped off a packet of nasi sambal goreng after a party I had to miss because of my doctor's appointment. Who can resist that? Wrapped beautifully in bright green banana leaves, my friends sure knows how to make a pregnant lady happy. There was one problem, it was after all, nasi. With much effort, I pushed away more than half of the rice and had my fill with the leftover dish, finishing up the serunding (fried coconut dish), paru (lungs) and sambal goreng (fried veges like long beans, tempeh etc). It was comfort food I longed for, but knew there was going to be consequences. I was right, the increased insulin intake couldn't help me in this case and I overshot by 26. I was a little depressed as I've been trying so hard to keep the glucose under control, but allowed it to slip off at a desirable whim.

Each morning before breakfast, I will take a blood test. My morning "fasting" readings are not good at all. For the past week, the Levemir insulin that I took every night before sleep wasn't helping. This was also increased by 6 units of dosage (from 12 to 18). This morning glucose reading overshot by 1, I hope tomorrow I can see better results.

How am I doing with all these poking and pricking? Well, there are some good days and bad days. On a good day, a jab is quick and painless whilst on bad days I sometimes bleed profusely and once I must have hurt a vein or something as the spot turned blue-black. It's still there. I still dread going to the fridge to pick up my insulin "pen". Getting blood for glucose readings is another kind of pain altogether, I lost count or memory which finger I've already pricked. Since the blood test have to be done after 2 hours of each meal, I might find myself on the road sometimes; like today. As kids pick up time happens to be around 2 hours after my lunch, I had to bring the gadgets and had to stop the car and prick myself even on the highway. Sometimes the blood stops immediately, other time, it took longer and hurt more.

It's not exaggerating to say that my life centers around insulin right now. If I'm going to have a lunch appointment, I will be sure not to eat before that. It also shouldn't be too late as it'll disturb my dinner time and the time I will eventually sleep, as the last blood test is 2 hours after dinner. Right after, I take my pregnancy supplements before another dose of insulin before finally calling it a day.

Well, good night now. I'm exhausted. Another sign of diabetes.

Tomorrow I'll update on the kinds of food I've been preparing, InshaAllah


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