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3 fils for 3 filles (girls in french)

It's been a long... break. My Instagram is still busy with photos upload at the rate of hmm maybe twice weekly when I'm not lazy. Mostly of the things I make, and yes, I upload them as reference for the future, when I can't think of anything to bring to a party :D

So my blog just woke up from the dead, as I want to share my dining experience yesterday at a new local joint. It was coincidentally Mother's Day in the UAE and a date was set for 3 filles to go out have dinner and support the Singaporean owned 3 Fils, located at Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1.

Now 3 Fils is a newcomer in Dubai culinary scene but it is already making its presence felt with what they have to offer. With a Time Out "Newcomer" Award under their belt, they are under a lot of pressure to impress and keep sweeping their guests off their feet.

I'm a foodie. A food connoisseur, if you like; simply because I don't like the term "critic". I find that it is impolite to "cri…

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