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Game Level Up at Noire, Fairmont (Dining in the Dark)

*Reads whatsapp message*

"Your birthday celebrations program starts tonight at 7.30pm,
We have to leave the house at 6.30pm latest"

At the time of receiving the message, I was amongst friends at home having an advanced 40th birthday celebration. Thankfully my party was about to end anyways but I was left curious. What could it be? Where could it be? I'm trying to figure out all the exciting places that we have tried and have not - but really (and rarely) today, my stomach could not hold a buffet spread after the heavy lunch we just had. I wasn't keen on a buffet no matter how fancy schmancy the venue was.

I am feeling all sorts of things - but above all, am excited that this is definitely one of the rare occasions that the Hubs stepped up his game. He usually leaves all the decisions with me - including where we eat on weekends. So I wouldn't be surprised if he would have asked me, but Nooooo, he didn't.

When we reached the valet, I thought we had just stepp…

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