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Bakhtoum - Lamb Stew with Toor dhal and Okra

The first time I had this dish was during an Eid party at a friend's place. No one could make out what is it. It's not exactly bamia dish, another Singaporean edition of Okra dish that originates from the Middle East. Bamia has this toasty fragrant from its use of spices. This dish, however is more tangy and tomato-ish - which makes me happy because that would be something I could definitely add on our family's dinner list. So as I always do, I asked for the recipe! Kak Rohana was happy to oblige and she explained that the recipe is a family's heirloom! It is a unique "arabic" dish she inherited, but it has obviously been tweaked and improvised to suit an Asian's tongue.

When I was in Singapore last summer, I wanted to invite everyone over so I decided to cook up a storm. In the list of my menu was Maqlooba Rice, but as I know Asians are used to eating rice with gravy, I decided to try Bakhtoum - which can be eaten with rice or bread. Perfect, I thought.…

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