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The Poultry Collection : Stuffed Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Corn / Saffron Rice


I'm going to have to compile my recipes online someday as the scribbled pen ink notes on my old kitchen notebook is quickly disappearing. One of my all time favorite poultry dish has a mysterious history behind it. It was taught to me by my previous helper who has amazing talents in the kitchen department, occasionally churning out recipes like tricks out of a magic hat. She had saved me from one too many parties and get togethers, and there were even two occasions where I gathered my friends to learn from her (we baked the twisted bread together - recipe to be posted later).

Back to this mysterious roasted chicken - well, it's still much a mystery where its origin is concerned, but luckily the recipe, is not. She had passed it down to me and I have successfully replicated it several times. This recipe calls for a whole chicken, and served with warm saffron rice (recipe included), and vegetable salad for a complete meal.

Chicken …

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