Slipping off... and getting back on track!

I lost count on the number of days since I've been told to watch my diet. But I have a confession to make. It's still not easy to adapt to different food that I don't look forward to eating everyday. I let myself slip during a party last weekend. I know coconut milk is a no-no as well, as it contains fat, but who can resist the aromatic Chicken Rendang right before your eyes? I was easy on the rice but just love the dishes offered that night at the buffet table. I even help myself to a little bit of a chocolate cake. That just did it. The glucose readings don't tell lies. Unfortunately. (It even records the readings of previous takings!)

The problem of letting yourself slip is that, you might be tempted to do it again. And I did. The next day I made chicken curry but substituted coconut milk with low fat yogurt instead. I also made stir fry fried beans with really hot cili padis just to see how far I could get away with this. I did cook rice, but allowed myself only a small portion, like less than a cup, perhaps a tea cup. The thing about comfort food is that, little is not enough, but instead of taking it on the rice, I devoured the chicken pieces instead - with no skin!

Was just chatting with girlfriends about healthy meals and preparations. It's easier said than done. Talk is cheap. Doing it is another matter altogether. Changing the way we eat should be a long term permanent type of plan, not temporary. Realistically, people don't want to do that unless they had to, in my case, until they get sick. With little choice in my hand, and a little one in my tum tum, I have to be careful. I have to for both our sakes. Yesterday though, was another story. I slipped off real bad, as I failed to resist the aroma permeating through the air from the cafe above the supermarket level. Paparotti. Damn you! The sweet mexican bun sent me up up and away from my desired scales and as luck would have it, I forgotten to take Insulin with me. That's the thing with Insulins, they are like my life-savior that I cannot leave the house without especially if I had planned on eating out. I shared my little secret with my 7 year old son, who was not going to tell on me, if I promised that I won't let it happen again. Sweet. Just a few days ago, he hid a baguette in the kitchen so that I don't get my hands on it. (Baguettes and Butter is our family's favourite snack). I do feel fortunate that the whole family is looking out for me, and cared a lot for the baby. Alhamdulillah.

Internet is really man's new best friend. With it, I could google tons of recipes and get ideas for the next meal. On lazy days, wholewheat Pasta Arabiatta, a serving of salad and grilled chicken fillet will just have to do it. On more creative days, I will try to attempt something that my tastebuds will approve of.

Breakfast is still quick and easy at the moment with cut cucumbers, tomatoes and boiled eggs occasionally. Low fat cottage cheese, some slices of turkey if its in the fridge already. A slice of brown bread and I'm ready to go. Bought some Palestinian Zaatar, for dipping with olive oil, for other days I'm longing for more funky flavour.

Aside from Italian cuisines, I love Turkish food a lot and remembered my favourite stuffed vegetables (Dolma) and the craving was super huge yesterday. I made these following the recipe closely and happy to report that it's awesome. The only thing I omitted is the sugar bit at the end. As I love yogurt as well, I made yogurt dressing with low fat yogurt, garlic, dried mint, a little lemon juice and olive oil, seasoned with salt & pepper. The thing about Turkish and Arabic food is that the most essential ingredients are really simple like onions and tomatoes, but the fresh herbs makes a lot of difference. I'm off to the supermarket today for some more vegetables to stuff, e.g marrow and eggplants. Instead of calrose rice per the recipe, you can either substitute with brown rice or basmati rice for healthier options. Although one good stuffed vegetable is not gonna kill you. Trust me, I've checked :p


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