Jewish/Libyan Marfum

More minced meat recipes, yeay!

Jewish marfum is basically tomato stew dish, with kofta meatballs inserted into sliced potatoes.

First slice some potatoes about 1cm width. Then slice it 3/4 way in between leaving just a small part to keep them together.

Then make some meat balls

Minced meat
Cinnamon powder
Paprika powder
Cumin powder
Onion diced
Bread crumbs

Mix well and insert carefully into sliced potatoes.
Coat each potato 'jacket' in plain flour then dip in egg and fry all of them in shallow oil.

Then make the sauce

Fry some garlic, diced onions in your pot/dutch oven.

Add paprika powder
Tomato purree
Chopped tomatoes

Put in the potato jackets. Cook for about 45mins!


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