(This post is) All about Billy

Bilal just turned a year old last November. He is such a sweetheart and been the subject of all my phone-camera photos. Can't help it. It is nice to be a mom again. It is not so nice to wake up every now and then for feeding; or putting him back to sleep through feeding. But when I see his smile, I just forget everything and go goo-goo-ga-ga over him. I love his teeth, yes this is something I am crazy about at the moment because I have 2 elder kids are at the age of losing baby teeth and getting new adults teeth that are a bit big for their face now. Bilal's baby teeth on the other hand, are perfect, tiny and straight. His smile is melting. And he does this thing, where he put his head on my lap or if I was standing he would grab my knee tight and tilt his head on it. Habib Albi. He also has this little game where he would walk backwards until I say stop, then he would run forward straight into my arms. Can't you tell I'm smitten? #MashaAllah #AllahAkhbar

He is getting more and more independent and I wonder how did he get there in just one year. Just one year ago he was a helpless tiny little baby. And then suddenly now it seems he has a mind of his own. I'm loving all the expressions he is making. I love that he is discovering food and accepts most of the food we are giving him. It is fun experimenting with food for him actually.

Being the youngest in the family, and because I saved a lot of toys from the elder kids, Bilal has plenty of things to play with. Blocks, Lego Duplos, Cars, Train Tracks, Puzzles, you name it, we probably have it. His favourite is, however, a wooden kitchen complete with utensils that I placed in a corner of my kitchen of course, and that kept him busy while I'm at work. Sometimes he would explore my drawers and cupboards and one incident he had himself powdered with tumeric.

He loves to be kissed and doesn't mind it a little bit. But he hardly kisses back. There were a few rare incidents when he gave me a good smouldering tho, and I treasure that.

Going out with him is a breeze, MashaAllah. He has been used to being in carseats since the beginning as I still run errands and send the big kids to school. Now we upgraded him to a toddler seat and he seems ok with that. He usually fell asleep the moment the car runs for a good few hours.

I know I'm gonna miss these moments because he will be making InshaAllah many more new moments that I will definitely look forward to and treasure. I wasn't sure about having a third child after such a long break, and in fact wasn't even planning anymore, but Allah knows best. My best-friend got married only recently and her first daughter was born in the same year as Billy. I also have another new friend also married not long ago and gave birth around the same year. Actually there are more than a few people I know with kids the same age as my elder ones and still having babies now! It's just great! The timing couldn't have been better, despite Billy coming as a surprise to us. Alhamdulillah. I'm meeting more people..younger people with smaller kids now and surely our activities are child/baby centred. He has certainly changed my whole life around, this little boy.

I love him.


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