And so, here he is...

Time flies really fast doesn't it? And before I know it, The gynae made an appointment to have me induced on the 13/11/13 as apparently the baby is almost 4kg in birthweight. That was the limit I had in mind to "surrender" in, or otherwise I had every intention to keep the pregnancy till the end as I was really avoiding any chances they had of sending me in for an emergency c-section. But alas, the ultrasound shows that Baby had to come out. I probably lost my battle with the gestational diabetes and the baby became too big at 36 weeks. And so we checked in just before midnight, prepared for the long and laborous labour.

Soon after checking in on the 5th floor labour ward, I was given a room to settle in and almost immediately the midwife, a lovely and bubbly Fijian lady started the inducement. She was very warm and reassuring, and I believe every women who walks in here, needed that. The labour has started...I wished! Well, we waited for the rest of the night but I didn't have any contractions. I had thought that it'd work given my birth history with my first born, Salma. But alas, baby has his own plans. I was given a 2nd tablet from downunder at around 6am and soon enough the contractions started.

It was a wednesday, a school day and we had left the older siblings home and told them we will get them as soon as I gave birth that night and arranged for a family friend to send them to school. Well, since I didn't, we thought it would be a good idea if husband send them to school instead, feeling pretty sure I wouldn't be giving birth anytime soon. He did went home, send them to school and rushed back to my side, with a parking ticket issued notwithstanding.  He was already by my side just as soon as I felt the contractions had started. It wasn't long before I was wheeled into the delivery room which was literally across my ward. Martina, the italian midwife on the morning shift assisted me throughout. The pain was mounting and I was offered pain relief like it was menu in a restaurant. Would you like Gas, Betadine or epidural? asked Martina and I chose gas as I had already made up my mind about Epidural and heard that Gas helps a lot plus I really didn't want any necessary drug into my body as much as possible.

The pain, like most mothers who were lucky enough to experience, was excruciating. The gaps between the contractions were shorter and shorter. I grabbed the gas and place it at my mouth as soon as I felt one coming. I also felt a lot of pain on my lower back, which is also where I have an old injury, a slipped disc. I was caught off guard with the pain coming in more quickly than I had expected. My husband's hands was also what I reached out for when contractions kick in, well sometimes his neck, depending on how painful it is. I also found that when he rubbed my lower back, I felt relieved more quickly. Sometimes he rubbed the wrong way, or too hard, he'll know cause I'll quickly tell him, in a rather annoyed voice; but as the contraction eases I try to rest and muster up energy for the next wave. I didn't want to lie down, so I sat up partially. At one point, I was getting dizzy with all the inhaling. I asked for Betadine and Martina quickly checked if I had dilated more than 5cm, as it will be harmful to the baby to take betadine at this point.  She checked and confirmed that it was ok and went off to prepare my painkiller.

Not long after Martina was given orders by my gynecologist to break my water bag, wo-manually as labour intensifies. She literally put her hand in there and soon I was leaking wet. Now, I do not have strong memory of the sequence of how it happened during these few hours but right after the injection, I became really dizzy and weak. I wasn't sure if it was the painkiller working or it was the effect of prolonged inhalation of gas. I wanted to sleep so badly, but the contractions woke me up every few minutes. But I did caught myself snoring at intervals, I must have been that tired. Not long afterwards, I knew baby was coming. I felt it rotating in my womb getting ready for exit. I asked my husband for Martina and to tell her that the baby is coming. He didn't hear the second part of what I said but I was too tired and too in pain to repeat myself. I managed a weak, "Just call her".

As she walks in I whispered, "the baby is coming" and she was taken by surprise. It was not long ago that I wasn't even 5cm. All these happened in 4 hours and since no one knew how long labour can be, the gynae is usually called up at the last minute. We didn't have time to call any gynae or help, even though I saw Martina stuck her head out of the room briefly to ask for assistance. Baby was already pushing himself out of my birth canal. Martina managed to line a cloth under me to prepare for the bloody show. My husband said I almost crushed his hands as I held him next to me. It was so painful like fighting for life, but at the back of my mind, I motivated myself to be strong about it -"once baby is out, no more contraction!" I convinced myself. He came out, slippery, in one good push, all blue and cold, and Martina placed him on my arm. I had already lost the last bit of energy I ever have that day and couldn't hold him and feared that I was going to drop him so I passed him to the excited father. It was all over, Alhamdulillah. Well, almost. I forgotten that I needed another push for the placenta and this was a piece of cake compared to what I just went through delivering a baby.

It was by far the easiest birth, only 4 hours of labour, and without any doctors in the room. It was just me, husband and midwife Martina, whom I am eternally grateful to. Baby Bilal came into this world at exactly 10:40am on the 13/11/13. He weighs only 3240grams and not 4kg as expected. I was too happy and grateful to be pissed about being made to go to labour early. Everything went fine Alhamdulillah, that's all that matters.

Introducing Baby Bilal. He is 2mths now.


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